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Helping Individuals & Organizations Navigate Change

I also deliver dynamic business training and Executive Coaching services to help improve leadership, communication, team optimization and overall work performance. Get your Executive Coaching Proposal today: click here or call 786-201-4543. Click here for Testimonials.

I recognize how difficult it can be to ask for help. I also firmly believe that this is the most critical first step in the healing and change process. I provide psychotherapy services for adult individuals and couples in a professional, collaborative and confidential environment. Call today and let me help you cultivate greater mental, emotional and spiritual health in your personal life, relationships and the workplace.
  • “Brad is not judgmental. He is not going tell you what is right or wrong, good or bad. His goal is to help you sort through your past and your present and help you find your true authentic self”

  • “Brad has helped transform my life into something I never thought possible for a person like me. Finding a therapist as good as Brad is not easy. I’ve lived in major cities and the experiences I’ve had with renowned therapists haven’t helped me as much as Brad”.

  • "Brad went above and beyond what the typical therapist would do so I could get the help I so desperately needed and I have been sober ever since."

  • "Brad’s style is one of discovery, not discourse. He doesn’t show you the way - he gives you the tools to find it for yourself. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom, his insight, and his unwavering commitment to my personal success."

  • "...Brad has been tremendously helpful that I don't really know where to begin, but to say thank you for helping and supporting me find a comfortable genuine path to my healing and wellness...I am taking action, it's no longer just thinking and talking."

  • "With Brad's help, I weathered powerful storms and survived tough revelations.That was over two years ago and I have been working with him ever since to rediscover what's important to me and look anew at how I want to live my life. Brad is not only knowledgeable and skilled, he is gifted and I feel secure and confident in his care."

  • "Brad Kerschensteiner’s leadership training with the Enneagram was inspirational, thought-provoking and practical. I'm such a fan that I've had him back to work with both of our companies. "
    -Dave Kerpen, NY Times Bestelling author of 3 books and CEO of Likeable Loca


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